Rabu, 26 November 2008

How Soft your hand?

The care should be taken about these useful hands. The condition of the hands depends on the care you give them. For many people especially housewives and manual workers, the hands are the most overworked and ill-used part of the body.
They are exposed to all kinds of wear and tear due to the effects of temperature, climate, frequent wetting, onslaughts of harsh chemicals and due to the risk of minor injury and subsequent infection. Yet the care of the hands is often completely overlooked until, say, the skin becomes rough and cracked or a nail is broken.

Get into the habit of giving yourself a weekly manicure , which will make your hands look good
along with helping them to combat annoying problems like chipping, splitting, peeling and cracking. Manicure is the care of hands, nails and arms. It prevents nail damage like fragile tips, splits.

Pedicure is the care of feet, legs and toe nails. Its purpose is to make the skin soft and smooth.
Here are a few ways in which you can take care of your hands better!

Hand Massage
To stimulate circulation, rub your palm over the back of the hand and then repeat with the other hand. This movement is very similar to washing your hands and it does not only stimulate circulation but it also warms the hands.

Silky and Soft Hands
Before you go to bed, lavish on the Vaseline or moisturizing cream and then pop on a pair of cotton gloves. Your hands will be incredibly soft by morning.

Too much water and chemicals
Get into the habit of wearing rubber gloves when you do any cleaning around the house.
Why? Cleaning agents can be extremely harsh on both nails and hands. The nails when exposed to water swell and then shrink back as they dry. This contributes to brittle nails.

Tips for taking care of hands:
* Apply olive oil on your hands.
* Apply the juice of cucumber juice and glycerine on your hands.
* Mix olive oil and lime juice and apply on your hands.
* Make a paste of tomato juice, glycerine and lime juice in equal proportion and apply on your
* Massage with almond oil a night to glow your hands.
* Apply a paste of ground almonds, milk cream and few drops of glycerine and lemon juice for
* Soak your hands in water in which potatoes have been boiled.
* One effective method is to rib warm boiled water and mashed potatoes on hands and finger
* Make a mixture of Vaseline and carbolic acid and rub in on your hands.
* Hands can be softened by taking a mixture of orange juice and honey.
* Mix rose water and glycerine and apply on your hands with cotton.

Home care Tips for Soft and Beautiful Hands
You can give an instant refresh treatment to your hands at home by soaking your dry hands in warm olive oil. Fill a teacup with the warmed oil, dip in your fingers and let them soak for a few minutes. When you remove them rub the oil into your hands and allow as much of it as possible to be absorbed before rinsing away the excess. Also, you can smother your hands with rich cold creams. (www.free-makeup-tips.com)

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