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You Need to Know About Fever and Flu

ALTOUGH fever is not really a disease, but many parents are anxious when their body temperature rises. A person considered to have a fever if his temperature reaches 38 degrees Celsius. To find out how to care for children who had a fever and the use of fever-reducing medications appropriate, consider answering questions about fever following:

- What to do if the child has a fever?
Immediately take the child to the doctor if the child is less than 6 months old; has other symptoms, fever over 2 days, or have never been vaccinated. In general, the use of fever-reducing medication kinds of paracetamol or ibuprofen is safe enough for children.

- How to reduce a fever?
Use warm water compress. Avoid using cold water, ice, or alcohol. Clothing comfortable clothes and do not wrap the child in a blanket. Pay attention to signs of dehydration such as children not to pee, drink less, limp or appear dry mouth.

- What signs to look out for?
In addition to fever and dehydration, immediately take the child to a doctor if she had the flu, fluid is yellow or green mucus, fever does not go down more than 2 days, children breathing difficulties, skin rashes, as well as children lose interest in activities.

- Is chicken soup can relieve flu?
Some research suggests chicken soup will reduce inflammation. In addition to rich in nutrients, chicken soup also prevents dehydration.

- Is there a natural way to cure flu and sore throat?
Most sore throats are caused by flu will take 2-5 days. For children older than 2 years, give warm water or warm tea mixed 1/2 tablespoon of honey and lemon. Strep throat is caused by bacteria are generally not accompanied by flu-like symptoms and require antibiotics.

- What age children should be given the cold medicines and cough?
Should not give children aged less than 4 years of cold medicines and cough-counter. Research shows these drugs can cause harmful side effects. Give your child plenty of fluids to relieve symptoms.

- If children cough and cold, what medicine should be given?
Give the medicine according to the symptoms suffered by the child. So no problem giving the child two drugs if he had multi symptom. But avoid giving two different drugs, but the active ingredient is the same. Give the medication as prescribed.

- Should wake the child to take medication?
Rest is the best medicine when a child is suffering from flu. So, let him sleep. If that means the child will spend time to take medication, do not worry. Give your child the next dose when he wakes up or tomorrow morning.

- If the drug vomited, should be repeated drug administration?
No need to. Difficult to ascertain how many drugs he had swallowed. Because it gives it more risky drug makes a double dose. If the child does not like the taste of medicine, maybe you can mix it with food or favorite beverage.

- Can children be given adult medication with a small dose?
Never give your child medicine for adults that are sold freely. Dose that you provide can go wrong. After all these drugs are not formulated for children. (*)

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