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Health Benefits of Fish Oil For Brain and Intelligence

SINCE ancient times eating fish always been linked with the level of intelligence as well as physical health. And if it is true and has been proven scientifically? Fish oil, it turns out this is the secret ingredient that plays a role in the prevention of many diseases and can improve children's intelligence.
Fish oil can be found in the fish's body fluids that contain any fat or supplements. The fat in fish contains a variety of essential nutrients, which is why many products in the advertisements that use fish oil as the base ingredients.

Fish Oil Benefits
A successful research reveals about the benefits of fish oil for health. However, the benefits of fish oil is the most important but not for children mencerdasakan beneficial for heart health. In addition the study also noted that fish oil can help reduce levels of fat in the blood, lowering blood pressure and preventing strokes.
Other benefits of fish oil has been proven through scientific studies is to maintain eye health, reduce symptoms of depression, impaired concentration, until severe mental illness Schizophrenia. Content of omega-3 in fish oil can not be produced by the body, thereby to obtain sufficient amounts we should consume foods that contain omega-3. In addition to fish, omega-3 can also be found in walnuts, olive oil, and soy beans.

Content of Fish Oil
Perhaps many outstanding at pharmacies supemen containing omega-3, however, eat fish directly, is considered better. However, you must always be vigilant because now a lot of fish that contain mercury as marine pollution.
To work around this, choose fish that are small. For example sardines, fish containing the toxin is lower because they are under the food chain. The larger the fish, the greater the likelihood that contaminated fish. The best alternative is to buy supplements tebaik so that the benefits of fish oil we can get the maximum. (*)

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