Senin, 22 April 2013

How do I get healthy sperm?

     ONE of the important things that enhance the masculine side and the courage of a man is sex. Thus, healthy sperm has become a must to achieve. It's important to get a quality sperm that are able to fertilize the female egg. Below, there are several powerful ways to apply so that you stay healthy and sperm quality.

 Avoid hair loss prevention materials
     The active ingredients are present in hair loss prevention drugs and antidepressants can reduce the effectiveness of the hormone and fertility in men. To get super sperm, you are highly recommended to avoid consumption of various drugs. A health agencies suggest that this drug should include side effects such as sperm quality merendahnya someone.

 Avoid cycling too often
      Exercise is good for health as well as improve the quality of your sperm. However, cycling is not a sport that seems to fit in this case. Because, cycling and give depth to suppress testicular temperatures continue to stick with him. In fact, the temperature needed to keep the sperm in order to remain well is 2.8 degrees cooler than your body temperature. Also, the pressure generated by a bicycle saddle is also capable of damaging arteries and veins.

 Do not be too frequent hot baths
     Bath with warm water is healthy, improve mood, and also unwind. However, do not be too long or too often to soak in warm water for later testicular temperature may rise and cause low sperm fertility.

  Limit your consumption of coffee
     Caffeine does increase the speed of your sperm, but do not consume to excess. Because high doses of caffeine actually cause the opposite. In addition, coffee addiction also increases the risk of many health problems.

Avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages
      Alcohol, cigarettes, and a variety of soft drinks is what one element terdahsyat while destroying your sperm. In addition, nicotine has also been shown to decrease the number and quality of sperm production, this is a statement that has been proven through research.
      That's a variety of tips that you can apply in order to get healthy sperm.

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