Selasa, 30 April 2013

How To Maintain Health and Body Fitness

1. Consume milk every day, morning before you indulge emotion is excellent time for Minuk milk, because it
    can give us the energy to do activities all day. Choose low-fat milk and high in calcium, milk also contains
    a complete compared to other beverages.

2. Wake up your spirit, if you have a goal that you create surely you will be eager to do it, other than that
     wake your spirit so as not lethargic and limp in everyday situations.

3. Exercise every day, prepare a minimum of 30 minutes of your time to maintain the condition of your body
    to stay fit, do lah leisurely stroll, jogging or gym.

4. Use your time to rest, if you have enough spare time to use your time resting and sleeping longer between
     6-7 hours  a day.

How to keep your body well is the path:
1. Maintain personal hygiene (hygiene), eg: always wash hands with soap when hands come into contact with
    something that is less clean, bathing and brushing teeth with soap
2. Living a healthy diet that 4, 5 perfect. Stop eating before satiety, and reduce fatty foods it
3. Olah regular exercise, at least for 1 hour 4x/minggu
4. Manage stress, always practicing. Expand grateful to the Creator, patient with the trials. Remember there
    mens in corpore sano.
That's probably a few tips to keep in shape that we can give to you. may be useful (*)

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