Rabu, 24 April 2013

Pare Benefits For Body

    MOST people do not like to pare it tastes bitter. But there are a lot of benefits pare one can be an antidote to the cancer cells. Research in Japan proved the efficacy of bitter melon proven to stop cancer cells in the body.
    In that study, they used mice that were then injected cancer cells. After the mice were injected with extracts of bitter melon. They observed the development of cancer cells in these mice, and the results of cancer cells in the mice stopped growing.

- Prevent Cancer Cell Growth
    Inside there is a substance called pare lesichin which serves to strengthen the body's immune system so that it can prevent the growth of cancer cells. Pare themselves so well taken by healthy people to prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body.
    Aside from being an antidote to the cancer cells, which is another benefit of bitter melon is to lower blood sugar levels due to insulin substance on the plant's Latin name Momordica charantia. These substances play a role in assisting the reform process glucose into energy.

- Strengthen the Immune System
    Pare also contains a lot of vitamin C are useful for strengthening the immune system to prevent wrinkles on the face, and protect the body from ultraviolet rays. Moreover carotene compounds in these vegetables are also very good for maintaining eye health.
    In addition, based on the results of another study by one of the researchers at Japan, bitter melon is also very good benefits for menangakal pare many free radicals as it contains anti-oxidants. How now you're interested in eating bitter melon? (*)

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